Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.14.09 | Bigger electric bills in Texas, some 'clunker' bumps

Natural gas stocks grew less than expected.

CenterPoint OK’d to recover Ike damages: Another $1.83 or so per month for 14 years approved by Texas PUC.

North Texas customers to pay $2.45+ per month to Oncor, including funds to not-so-smart meters that don’t meet state standards. Opponents says the PUC is letting customer’s pay for Oncor’s bad business decisions.

• Cash-for-clunkers has cars flying off Houston dealer lots, but some dealers around the U.S. are offering terms that have buyers paying back the incentive, one group complains. As far as cash-for-clunkers as a way to reduce CO2, it’s pretty expensive says a UC Davis study: as much as $365 per ton. NPR takes a look at a classic car exemption in the clunkers law.

Citi oil trader will likely keep that $100 million bonus.

• Open season for $3 billion in cleantech stimulus funds starts today, and companies are lining up.

ATP to christen deepwater production/drilling vessel “Titan” soon, while Transocean’s new Discoverer Clear Leader starts drilling for Chevron in the Gulf.

Exxon fined for bird deaths.

• Surge in new oil tankers is bad timingwith oil demand lower.