Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.13.09 | Dallas wants green credits, Cushing gets crowded

City of Dallas wants carbon credits for going green.

PUC vote on North Texas electric rate increase pending: Oncor may only get half of request for smart meters, etc.

Links in the big West Texas electric chain go up: Oncor starts its leg to transmission system that will bring wind power from rural parts of state to big cities.

Amaranth pays $7.5 million to settle nat gas trading case: But trader Brian Hunter not part of the deal.

Oil rises for second day on positive fed comments, data.

Crude inventories may distort prices… again: Counter-cyclical crowding at Cushing, floating storage, all muddy the waters.

Trade gap widens on high oil prices.

Chinese crude imports hit record in July.

Manufacturer’s study of climate change bill says it’s nothing but bad: A few thoughts from WSJ on the same.

Australian carbon trading laws defeated in Senate: Vows to re-submit the 11 bills again later.

U.S. Aluminum Can Recycling Reached 54.2 Percent in 2008: From recycle bin to store shelf in 60 days.

EPA backs away from Chevy Volt’s 320 mpg claim, and GM says Volt may not be as competitive as hoped in regulatory filing.

Eaton to do largest hybrid vehicle deployment with Stimulus fund help: It’s in Calif. (of course) but if it had been Texas or Mississippi, now that would have been impressive.

Shell to join U.K. gov-sponsored carbon capture plant race.