Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.12.09 | Carpet cleaning crook shorts Woodlands company.

Mexican oil smuggling case has more Houston, San Antonio ties.

Mexico sees $53 oil in its future, and production expected to drop through 2012.

$70 oil will damage global economic recovery says IEA economist.

Texas hit harder than most by high energy prices

Former fraudsters say the Woodland’s InterOil isn’t what it appears: Yes, one of them is shorting the firm.

Majority of American’s favor climate change bill according to Zogby poll, but read the fine print.

Carbon capture still has a lot of technical hurdles.

Quiet U.K. report says nuclear is the answer. But it assumes Canadian oil sands became a huge U.S. source.

Chevy volt will get 230 mpg, but how?

One economist’s argument in favor of cash-for-clunkers, from NPR.

U.S. Home size shrinks for the first time in years.

MMS approves Shell’s Beaufort Sea drilling program: Will it stick this time or is it more waiting?

Boardwalk prices public offering at $23 per share.

Dell says it will say $5.8 million per year through energy conservation, management.