Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.10.09 | Algae-a-rama in Texas, Dynegy gets smaller

Algae-based biofuel refineries from Freeport to the boarder: One company’s vision for Texas.

KBR works to ramp up non-food biofuel output

Dynegy sells plants in “transformational” deal for $1 billion, cutting generation size, reducing debt.

Is Brazil going to pull a Chavez? Brazil is considering the creation of a new state oil company to favor government interests … lean more on Petrobras over international competitors and … invest more of the country’s oil wealth into social programs.

• The challenge of moving wind turbine blades via Houston highways… and some ways of getting around the big expensive drive, including onsite construction.

Libyans, Indians looking at Shell’s largest U.K. refinery.

What is 230? GM knows but won’t say.

Chron editorial says we need to pay attention to the pending CFTC rule changes on energy trading limits. There’s the belief ETFs are to blame, but some don’t see them as the speculators to fear.

• What’s really going to light a fire under an Alaska natural gas pipeline project? Local shortages might, and trouble with the fund that puts cash in Alaskan’s pockets every year.

Fracturing debate continues at local level.

DOE research hubs hang in the balance for funding.

Power sector could cut CO2 emissions by 41% by 2030: So says EPRI study.

Chevron has a big find off Angola.

Saudi Aramco has plans for energy technology park in Damman.

Will higher oil prices endanger the recovery? asks CNN.

Emerging markets’ monetary policy: The key to oil demand