Don't forget, kids: math = money

If you’re in the business, you probably already know what the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported recently about starting salaries:

Top jobs, ranked by starting slaries. Not too many liberal arts majors here.

“Math is at the crux of who gets paid,” said Ed Koc, director of research at NACE. “If you have those skills, you are an extremely valuable asset. We don’t generate enough people like that in this country.”

The reason the petroleum engineer jobs float to the top is due, of course, to the balance of supply and demand:

“In fact, out of the more than 1,524,000 bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2007, just 450 were in petroleum engineering and only 4,492 were in chemical engineering.”

Of course it’s not all about the money for everyone. There’s plenty following what they believe is another path to saving the world.