Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.04.09 | Dropping debt in Dallas, taxing clunker cash

TXU, Oncor parent company debt downgraded: …”capital structure is untenable and will likely prompt the company to pursue some form of restructuring activity.” Private equity investors already trying to improve terms.

CenterPoint applies for fed funds for smart grid: Could cut two years off new meter installation.

RRI (once known as Reliant) reports profit included former retail business, but a loss with what’s left.

Anadarko reports hefty $226 million loss: “They really need the high commodity price to survive and thrive.”

Marathon’s profit drops and refinery costs balloon. “”We need a return of the diesel market.”

Chesapeake has profitable quarter thanks to hedges.

“See? Oil companies really do have it tough,” says API.

• This whole “CFTC-worrying-about-speculative-trading-thing” could boost oil prices.

• And a downed oil refinery should jack-up gasoline prices, right? Not really, says GAO report.

Apache talks about its latest drilling in Egypt

Conoco, Chevron in Sumatra gas deal.

IRS taxes cash-for-clunkers rebates

• Who’s a climate scientist? Depends on what side you’re on, says Of course the bar isn’t really all that high to be considered a scientist in this arena, either.