Introducing energy blogger, Michael Economides

The Chronicle will begin hosting a number of new bloggers in the coming weeks with a focus on energy. First out of the gate: Energy (Geo)-Politics, by Michael Economides, a professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Houston.

Michael Economides, University of Houston.

His inaugeral entry (unless you count the item we posted on this blog last month) concerns the big push for “green jobs”:

“Ideology aside, it is the promise of jobs, lots of them, that the environmentalists have been touting to make believe in the green revolution. How real is this promise, outside government subsidies? Not so much and the European experience, is supposed to show us the way.”

While his experience is deep in the physical side of oil and gas production (two classes he teaches are “Natural Gas Engineering” and “Advanced Petroleum Production Operations”) he is also deeply interested in the economics and policy side of the business. He’s also well traveled as we exchanged e-mails from five different countries in the past few weeks as we set up the blog.
Economides describes himself as “a Greek born, naturalized US citizen” who is “socially quite liberal but fiscally conservative.” He is Editor-in-Chief of the Energy Tribune (where you will likely find some of his blog entries cross-posted). He also taught at Texas A&M University and was Chief Scientist at the Global Petroleum Research Institute .
So please add Energy (Geo)-Politics to your watch list and weigh-in with your thoughts.