Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.03.09 | Chevron stops onshore drilling, Houston's cushion gets a little worn

Big finds in North Dakota gets drillers fired up: “We are excited about Three Forks but it’s early on in the play.”

Chevron’s profit drop leads to halt on onshore gas work: “By the end of the year, we will not have a single gas land-rig running,”

GOP leaders renew demand to open up OCS drilling.

Fracking safety debate gets closer to Congress debate.

Oil crunch looms closer, International Energy Agency official warns: Study of 800 major fields worldwide says it’s worse than most governments anticipate.

Energy troubles taking a toll on Houston

• The U.S. is accepting applications for renewable energy projects . Meanwhile, in the search for new energy sources via research the governmentmay be following the 2 percent solution.

Batteries try to tip the energy equation.

North Carolina goes green with Texas wind farm credits: At least all the excess capacity is doing someone some good.