Chron Energy Newslinks | 07.28.09 | Lowered expectations and why the nat gas glut is overblown

BP profit falls but exceeds analyst estimates

Enterprise Products’ profit drop but still beats estimates: Sounds like if you think enough bad thoughts you’ll find some happy ones?

10-day gasoline drop largest since 2005: Weak dollar, shut-downs in Port Arthur keep the streak alive.

Another day, another battle for gasoline retailer: Gas station owners call it surveying – a practice of adjusting profit margins according to what the nearby competitors are doing.

Hedge fund GLG plans to launch massive oil acquisition co.: It would “… represent a return to the speculative early days of the oil investment boom.”

States would get 37% of offshore oil revenue in Senate bill:

Is Gazprom’s quest for world domination for real? Or do these guys have too many other things to worry about…

Why even more big new gas fields don’t spell doom for nat gas prices: “…it has taken 33,000 successful gas wells per year to exceed the 2001 peak.”

El Paso, GIP private equity in JV for new Ruby natural gas pipe

U.K. skeptical over carbon offset tariffs: Key tool cited by U.S. Congress for making climate-change laws work now getting the warm embrace.

Magellan buys Longhorn Pipeline

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has fun on YouTube <a href="“>