Chron Energy Newslinks | 07.27.09 | Good earnings news? Don't hold your breath.

The bottom line may be ugly for E&P earnings this week: May be down 60% for majors, 85% for independents.

Schlumberger CEO says companies still cutting back projects, but…: “It really, really does depend on where prices will be at the end of the year, not where they are today.”

Oil majors facing up to earnings in the new commodity cycle: BP, COP, Exxon et al report this week.

California Senate passes first drilling bill since 1969: But they’re calling it a one-time special.

The update in the words on Plains Exploration.

Why the big California oil and gas find last week won’t matter: Think ‘flow rates.’

Crude Climbs Towards $69 a Barrel on Asian

EV Energy’s big buy gives new life to old wells

UNG refutes critics’ claims that it is moving natural gas market: Fund designed as proxy for natural gas says it isn’t responsible for market swings.

Amaranth settles FERC manipulation charges

Oil, the Market is the Manipulation:

Energy efficiency incentives likely to grow

Exelon to focus on nuke upgrades, transmission: Expansions much more cost-effective than new builds.