Chron Energy Newslinks | 07.21.09 | Earnings off to mixed start, an upside to melting ice caps

Halliburton, Weatherford expect more cost cutting: “… you have to ask yourself, ‘Do I need this much infrastructure to serve the market as it was in 2008?'” Put another way, let’s keep putting more emphasis on overseas work.

Bottom near for oilfield services? Earnings results might spell opportunity.

Mitchell, the ‘father of shale’ still in the office: “Prices are below $4, that is going to hurt shale efforts,” he tells Forbes.

Pennsylvania has its own reasons to get excited about shale gas.

• How bad is California’s budget? They’re thinking about opening up to offshore drilling.

Exxon has until July 31 to answer Texas sabotage claims.

Another reason for oil prices to rise? New storage tank guidelines are putting some Cushing, Okla. facilities out of operation for months.

Oncor asks state for $253.5 million rate increase: Dallas-area power line co. trying to catch up to CenterPoint?

Battle rages on over cleanup at Texas Equistar plant

Eagle Oil sports new trading symbol: Nevada firm formerly known as Ford Spoleti.

Former FERC Comm. William Hederman joins Concept Capital: Firm, a division of Houston’s Sanders Morris Harris, to become independent broker-dealer.

Maritime group wants cleaner ship fuels.

• Don’t like the climate? Engineer a new one.

Global warming upside: shorter tanker routes across the Arctic Ocean.