Chron Energy Newslinks | 07/17/09 | Refining with ultrasound and $20 oil

Refining technology startup trying to cut emissions with ultrasound. Plans to remove sulfur from deisel using low heat, low pressure.

Houston-based company moving forward with offshore Texas wind projects.… High bidder in state auction will do engineering studies for sites off Nueces and Cameron county coasts.

Ecuador seizes Perenco oil fields, tax dispute with French firm comes to a head.

BP exits jatropha biofuels project. Plans to focus on projects to create ethanol in Brazil.

Hybrids driven more, have more costly repairs and get more traffic tickets, says study. But it could be in part because high-mileage drivers gravitate toward them.

Many oil and gas projects cancelled, delayed in ’09. A compendium of projects both domestic and international.

Here comes $20 oil, says analyst. “If the recession continues and it’s a warm winter, it’s going to be devastating,” says Phillip Verlanger.

US oil imports in January-June fell by 7.6% on year: API…”the second quarter alone, total imports dropped by more than 12% compared with a year ago, with crude oil imports reaching the lowest second-quarter level in over a decade at 8.95 million b/d.”

BP has Mad Dog success in the Gulf. The well “… encountered a hydrocarbon column of more than 2,500-feet (762 meters), and 275 feet of net pay (84 meters).”