Fracking compromise could be coming

FBR Research notes today that the risk of sweeping legislation regulating the natural gas production technique known as hydraulic fracturing may be ebbing.

fracturing Larry McMurdy with Halliburton shows a pipe that is filled with charges to create the fracture in the tight sands at a hydraulic fracturing site in the Piceance Basin on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains (Johnny Hanson / Chronicle)

The industry has been fighting back against the recent push, which FBR says has led them to believe “… that momentum has shifted away from repealing the exemption toward a potential compromise that would require an extensive study of the threat posed by hydraulic fracturing.”

“The next step toward the bill becoming law would be Committee hearings in the House and Senate. We note that much of the attention of environmental policymakers is dedicated to climate change, and we do not anticipate rapid action.”

GoHaynesvilleShale has a good summary of a recent trade journal article on the topic that says, essentially, everyone needs to do a better job of talking to eachother when it comes to fracturing projects.