Bisso's heavy lifting work gets the History Channel treatment

Every few months the History Channel or the Discovery Channel mix in some shows that highlights the energy industry — usually involving lifting something really, really big. Monday night was one of those nights with two episodes of “Deep Sea Salvage” involving Houston-based Bisso Marine (sorry for the lack of notice but it looks like they repeat Friday and Saturday).
A brief description of one episode:

A destroyed harbor town, Port Arthur, Texas, is flooded with disabled ships and barges, bringing the entire town to a standstill. But it’s Lunchbox and Pirtle that get grounded as they deal with air bags popping in explosive fashion, a crewmember getting robbed and a high-stakes wager. At the same time, Dave and the sea salvage crew are making the biggest wager of all: Taking a job that only pays if they fix the problem. And the problem is massive: a three-story drilling ship that has toppled onto its side near the Gulf Shore. The 35 million dollar ship must be righted before it fully capsizes. Using all the cranes at their disposal, Dave and his fellow crewmembers do their best to avoid the “Kill Zone” as chains and cables snap violently around them.

The show seemed to be about this project, but we could be wrong.
If you can’t wait for Friday to see the show, Bisso has some grainy video of some of there work online. One clip is called “Pile Severing by Explosives”, and while it’s not completely clear to a novice what’s going on, the word ‘explosives’ means it must be fun.