Green Mountain wants to buy your electricity

A couple of years ago the state passed a law that made it possible for homes or businesses that generated excess power onsite with solar panels to sell it back to the grid. Great idea, but the way the Public Utility Commission implemented the rule made it optional for electric retailers to buy it and essentially required dual meters to measure it going in and out. A bit of a hassle and no retailers were interested in buying back that power… until now.
Green Mountain Energy said it will buy back up to 500 kilowatt hours per month of excess solar-generated power at the same rate a homeowner is buying power coming in. Any excess power generated above that figure will be bought by Green Mountain at half that rate.
The customer will still need to have to have the dual meters, but the Green Mountain effort at least gets rid of half the problem for homeowners with solar.
Home owners could have even more incentive to go solar if several efforts on their way through the Texas Legislature keep moving forward. The Senate passed a $500 million solar rebate program bill last month, with about one-third of the funds aimed at helping offset the cost of new systems for homeowners. The cost of those systems is also expected to come down as more solar panel manufacturing capacity comes online.