OTC: From the U.S. to Nigeria, Arctic and beyond

A sample of coverage of the Offshore Technolog Conference on chron.com and elsewhere:
First, the home front:

Industry accepting the likelihood of climate legislation: “It’s really a lot more complex than what you get out of a PBS television show.”

Industry execs criticize Obama’s energy policy: “There are people in positions of power that want the US to move off oil as quickly as possible, and they want us to pay for it through increased taxes and fees.”
Next, several takes on Nigerian issues:

Stakeholders urge caution over oil sector reform: Words of caution yesterday came for the (Nigerian) Federal Government’s oil and gas reform agenda as stakeholders expressed doubts over the plan.

Oil and Gas operators pick holes in government reform effort: “He warned that if the proposal was allowed to sail through as it was, there were strong indications that there would be conflict and overlapping functions among the said agencies.”

Shell reiterates commitment to Nigeria operations: “… declared its intention to continue operations in deep offshore despite its current challenges in the country and the series of accusations on environmental degradation and poor community relations made against it.”
Then up to the frozen north:

Interest heats up in arctic oil and gas regions: Arctic oil and gas exploration remains an important segment of the industry amid both technological and regulatory challenges.

Canadian official touts Mackenzie pipeline: “The project would need to be completed before the proposed Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline, as the volume of gas brought by this project would make the Mackenzie pipeline unnecessary.”
And then…

Saudi oil capacity at 12.5 mln bpd by June 30

FloaTec shows off dry tree units: This is really a better representation of most of what goes on at OTC: highly technical.