OTC: Things are looking up

OTC registration will still lag behind last year’s high-water mark of 73,000-plus but traffic picked up on day 2.
The parking lot was full, the floor crowded and the beers abundant (yet discreetly concealed in company-branded cozies) in the early afternoon.
Conference organizers are predicting a final attendance figure of around 65,000 and noted in a release today on-site registration was higher this year, likely a sign that people didn’t want to commit their funds too early.
Exhibitors on the floor say the concerns over the threat of swine flu doesn’t seem to be much of a factor, but the economy has taken a bit of a bite.
“It’s down a little bit, but it’s still been a steady stream” said Tom Langford of Engineered Spring Products of Houston.
Mark Phillips, a magician who has mixed magic and product information at the show for software and equipment maker Roxar for the past four years concurs.
“Of course we’re in a better location with our booth this year,” Phillips said.
Langford’s firm makes customized springs for equipment used by drillers and other service providers in downhole equipment, so when the drilling slows down so does their business. But Langford said he expects the recovery to come more quickly than many expect.
“I think it’s going better than it appears,” Langford said.