OTC: More of what others are saying

A bit of what the Chronicle and others are writing out of the Offshore Technology Conference:

Drillers gain some traction in offshore drilling push: “Drill, baby, Drill” is no longer a campaign slogan, but the industry hasn’t dropped its push to access more offshore drilling.

Swag and million-dollar deals go hand-in-hand at oil conference:”When I speak to them in their language, they’re really happy.”

Oil-Services Providers Ponder How To Survive Energy Bust : “All of us are starting to see an impact,” said Thierry Pilenko, chief executive of oil-services provider Technip.

Oil industry and economy unite in Houston: “It’s not a real big surprise. A lot of people have been cutting back,” said Michelle Latham with 3M.

Shell Oil favours carbon cap-and-trade: Carbon cap-and-trade as part of a long-term solution but advises a gradual phase-in for successful implementation.

Big Oil tells Congress to get real: Industry leaders are calling on the US Congress to make the debate over the nation’s energy future to be a realistic mix of both hydrocarbons and alternative sources.