OTC: Everyone's going to Brazil, Abu Dhabi… and the OCS they hope

It seems like most companies one talks to at OTC this year are looking to new offices in Abu Dhabi or projects in Brazil to keep them going — or at least every company that says they’re still doing well.
Mustang Engineering: Just opened an Abu Dhabi office in January (via acquisition) and expects all the liquefied natural gas projects in the region will keep them busy.
Oil States: Opening their Abu Dhabi office on Thursday of this week.
And it’s Brazil, Brazil, Brazil for everyone. Maybe that’s why they’re getting the big treatment for a Thursday morning breakfast session
Tuesday’s sessions will be particularly technical in the morning with sessions on managing technology on large projects, subsea soils and anchoring systems, and a number of sessions on the first deepwater project off Congo’s coast.
But in the afternoon the policy issues return with a session on “The Case for Access to Oil and Gas Resources on the US Outer Continental Shelf.”