OTC: Maybe smaller, but still plenty of optimism

The official headcount won’t be released until the end of the week, but exhibitors at OTC confirm our earlier suspicions that the crowds are just a bit thinner today than on the first day of last year.
Ricky Simic, vice president of business development at Arlington-based service provider Oil States Industries said a few Chinese, Indonesian and Latin American customers have said they would keep people home this year because of swine flu concerns and economic issues, but in many cases it seems they have been replaced by U.S.-based employees.
This being a sales and marketing-driven event, however, optimism is an abundant resource.
“It’s good to have all your customers and colleagues in the business together under one roof,” said Dena Lee, marketing head for Mustang Engineering. “This is an event for working on our continuing relationships.”
The conference is bigger than last year in terms of exhibitors and exhibit space, however, having topped last year’s record 556,640 square feet of space.