ERCOT response to swine flu

We recently reported on bugs in the nation’s electric grid, but it seems the folks responsible for Texas’ power network are getting ready for that other bug.
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas activated its own “Pandemic Preparedness Plan” this week, warning all workers and contractors to take precautions. This matters particularly since ERCOT has a central control room in Austin (and the back-up in Taylor) that monitors the statewide grid. You don’t want that thing un-manned should we experience an unusual event.
In a notice that went out Thursday ERCOT noted it will “be asking all visitors, including market participants, who come to ERCOT’s facilities if they have recently been in Mexico or are currently experiencing any flu like symptoms. Any visitors that acknowledge they have been in Mexico within the past seven calendar days or that they are currently experiencing flu like symptoms will not be allowed to enter ERCOT’s facilities.