CERAWeek: Unconventional Gas Outside N. America

Extracting natural gas from dense shale formations and other so-called unconventional rockbeds may be all the rage in North America, but it’s barely done in other parts of the world.
That’s partly because so little data exists about the size and location of unconventional gas resources in international regions, panelists at CERAWeek said this morning.
Christopher Hopkins, president of data and consulting services at oil field services giant Schlumberger, said the potential may be huge.
A Schlumberger analysis estimates there are 30,000 trillion cubic feet of unconventional gas resources worldwide, though not all is economic to retrieve.
In what he called a cursory study, Hopkins said there are more than 688 shales in 142 basins globally.
Unconventional gas, chiefly from emerging shale plays, is expected to account for about half of U.S. natural gas supply within 10 years, said Charles Sheppard, vice president of conventional resources and global basins at Hess Corp.