Chron Energy Links: 12.04.08

Items on and elsewhere related to energy:
Dow will cut production, contract jobs at Freeport complex
Austin wants to be green energy capital
U.S. auto bailout: still a ridiculously bad idea
The Dozen Auto Companies that Aren’t Going Bankrupt
US NRC accepts Luminant application to build Texas nuclear units
NRG CEO Crane says industry must cooperate to tap stimulus plan
National panel highlights growth of demand response sector
California Grid Operator Set To Overhaul Real-Time Market Why can’t Texas be more like California?
That $75 per barrel figure from OPEC is interesting for many reasons.
Oil Prices: Why the Past is Not Prologue
Mustang Engineering secures design contract for Masdar: Big UAE carbon capture project
UT Engineer: Leak-free carbon storage possible
EDF bid could help other power deals: Look out Reliant!
Obama to link energy to environmental, other concerns: Albright
Zenn and the art of electric car maintenance: Texas co. has battery deal with electric car maker.
Amory Lovins: Don’t call efficiency “conservation.”
A New Twist on Hydropower: device mimics how fish harness energy from water flow
Europe Backs Supergrids: hope for regional transmission planning