Chron Energy Links: 11.19.08

Items on and elsewhere related to energy:
Coal takes lumpsas China’s cuts clobber prices
Some residents getting a shock from their electric bills
Exxon ice road blocked
Ex-EPA Official Faults Probe of BP Alaska Oil Spill
Denali pipeline in Alaska files federal gas line right of way application
Congressional moratorium on OCS drilling unlikely: API’s Gerard
Climate change risks and the girls you should have kissed
Future of energy efficiency policy under Obama administration? What the ACEEE thinks
Obama: Climate Plan Firm Amid Economic Woes
2008-11-18 US will ‘vigorously engage’ in international climate talks: Obama
NRDC, EEI urge regulators to increase energy efficiency efforts
Falling gas prices as economic stimulus
US gasoline consumption jumps on weaker prices: survey
United Airlines Flight Reduces Carbon Emissions by Nearly 33,000 Pounds
Voting opens for X Prize’s “Crazy Green Idea” videos
Recent FERC Enforcement Efforts Reported
Russia-China $25bn Loan Talks set to Re-Open
Unconventional gas will soon dominate US production, says report
Crude Oil Market Commentary For Wednesday Morning
Troubling News from the IEA Oil Report…and How to Prepare Your Investments
Quicker, Easier Way To Make Coal Cleaner