Chron Energy Items: 11.13.08

Items on and elsewhere related to energy:
Public’s views sought on energy leases off Virginia
Government lowers 2009 gasoline price forecast to $2.37 a gallon
A future for Gas Hydrates in Alaska?
Bleak IEA outlook gives OPEC food for thought
E I, E I. A: No matter how you spell it, it still means demand-driven trouble.
Exxon Valdez payout a step closer: Judge rejects plaintiff’s bid to throw out the allocation plan.
Key US senator to keep ‘safety value’ CO2 allowance concept alive
Waxman v. Dingell for the energy committee chair
New CO2 pipeline planned for heartland… the Canadian heartland, that is.
Car and Driver looks at mileage myths and misconceptions
King Kong has left the building. Another blow agains car dealers.
Obama’s bold energy agenda spurs push to overhaul grid
Dow Announces Energy Plan for America
Moody’s, S&P reviewing Exelon’s credit ratings
US NRC launches probe of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania nuke
Home Energy Mythbusting Fact #10: