Chron Energy Links: 10.29.08

Items on and elsewhere related to energy:
Mexico Congress allows investment in national oil co.
BP’s Texas City refinery to run at full tilt soon
Two banks resist Huntsman deal
Gazprom invited to explore Alaska Chukchi, reports say
Exelon says proposed NRG merger would create up to $3-bil ‘value’
Oil output decline is 9.1 percent per year, says International Energy Agency draft.
China says coal dependency complicates fight against climate change
Chrysler kills hybrid version of Durango and Aspen
“Big oil is behind ethanol’s bad press”
MasterCard’s numbers: now priceless?
New Challenges and Opportunities in Vehicle-to-Grid Power
Chevron blamed in Nigeria deaths
Reactors for the Middle East: New designs could decrease chance nuclear materials fall into terrorist hands.
FERC gets busy