Chron Energy Links: 10.27.08

Items on and elsewhere related to energy:
What happened to $150 oil?
Gas pipeline bursts at Prudhoe: Corrosion might have struck again.
U.S. expands geothermal energy plan
Texas electric co-op sets 30% renewable energy goal by 2020
Notes from the Austin Alt Car conference: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle opportunities and challenges
Appalachian Coal to Power India?
BoA, Merrill ask US FERC to hurry up power trading ops merger OK
US Senator Feinstein says Greenspan helped derail OTC regulation
Hard economic times no reason to lessen investment in climate change…. says Deutsche Bank.
Energy Independence: McCain and Obama say it’s a good goal. No it isn’t.
Candidates Show Energy … Are They Showing Us an Energy Plan?
The New Consensus:Chevron CEO, David J. O’Reilly Talks Energy Ahead of US Election.
The myth of 1970s global cooling scientific consensus
Scientific consensus about global cooling? Nope
Fate of Ocean Power Projects Requires FERC and Interior Cooperation
Thinking Green in a Blue Economy: You probobly shouldn’t, says green biz evangelist.
After oil: Is there a ‘silver bullet’ that will take the place of petroleum as America’s primary fuel source, asks UH’s Peter Bishop.