Barnett shale reaches its peak: goodbye Shale.TV

Maybe the boom in natural gas drilling in the Barnett Shale does have its limits.

dirty_coal Face it. Shale.TV won’t be coming to a screen near you. One of the print ads funded by Chesapeake last year.

Earlier this year Chesapeake Energy announced plans for Shale.TV, an online news show about the many issues related to production in the now-famous formation in North Texas. It was going to be anchored by two well-known media personalities from the Dallas area.
But as Chesapeake has faced increasing troubles, the show had to go. The plug was pulled Monday. According to the Dallas Morning-News:

“We were about two weeks away from going on the air full time,” said Shale.TV executive editor Olive Talley. “We had a full rehearsal planned for today. We came in early to get a run-down going.”

Another Chesapeake-funded online broadcast effort still seems to be going strong, however, As it describes itself:

“ News is an independent news organization committed to honest, nonpartisan, in-depth reporting on environmental issues and energy solutions including the relative advantages and disadvantages of all major sources of energy, including petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear and alternatives. is sponsored by the American Clean Skies Foundation.”

Chesapeake was the quiet money behind the “Face It. Coal is Filthy.” Ad campaign that sought to derail a number of coal fired power plant projects last year, but out of that effort came the American Clean Skies Foundation.
The Shale TV-idea wasn’t without precedent. In 2000 Williams launched Energy News Live, “the world’s only real-time energy news and information network online…” The business reached an audience of about ”30,000 desktops” for hourly web-based broadcasts before closing down in December 2002.
World Energy Magazine has regular webcasts in a similar vein branded as World Energy TV.
And the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s more modest Shale-specific news outlet – the Barnett Shale blog – is still going strong.
Are there any other energy-specific webcasts out there we’re missing?