Chron Energy Links: 09.03.08

Items on and elsewhere related to two timely topics, today: the aftermath of Gustav and the Alaska’s Natural Gas Pipeline (renewed interest due largely to Sarah Palin for VP):
Checkpoints, power outages frustrate Gustav evacuees
Energy industry looks to restart: Gustav damage appears minor, but closings and outages persist
All checkpoints lifted, city reopens
Exxon returning workers to U.S. offshore platforms
Preparation pays off
U.S. Gulf Coast oil industry seems undamaged by hurricane
Two weeks before USG production returns to 100%: Interior chief
US crude stocks likely to build 500,000 barrels: analysts
The Belushi Market : Like the late SNL actor, “The 2007-2008 oil markets seem to have a similar disdain for anything resembling stability.”
Oh why oh why did the oil price fall. Oh why or how can that be?
Regarding Citgo’s Request for Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
Some 814,000 Entergy customers still without power
Energy prices since Gustav
Natural Gas Pipeline/Palin
McCain’s VP pick Palin no stranger to energy industry: “They don’t have big color pictures of Sarah Palin in the board rooms of BP, ConocoPhillips or Exxon.”
A “swicki” page on Palin
Biden and the pipeline
FERC Offers To Help Merge 2 Alaska Gas Pipeline Projects
Regulators find ‘substantial progress’ on gas pipeline with competing projects
Alaska pipeline the power poker chip
FERC site for natural gas project