Chron Energy Links: 08.25.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
REX work row gets messier, producers call operator myopic: To delay maintenance or not on Rockies line?
Telecommunications needs being met in Gulf: Improving grid benefits energy industry and others.
State makes push for clarity on power plans: Texas retooling the way providers will present information
Single claim left for BP: Energy giant has settled all other state cases over 2005 blast
Grey Wolf accepts $2 billion purchase by Precision
The Real Question: Should Oil Be Cheap? Sure, it hurts but there’s a case to be made for a minimum low.
Cruel Fuel World: Gas prices around the globe
A look at who’s advising Obama and McCain on energy, environment
Appeals Court Upholds Wind Farm Victory in Abilene
Buffet and Gates visit the Canadian oil sands
$84 million ZAP! plant for Kentucky to be announced today
Are Refineries Really a Bottleneck?
What’s going on at Pioneer Drilling?
Tyson: What Congress might do on the offshore drilling issue