Chron Energy Links: 08.20.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
It’s standing room only at sorghum biofuel gathering: More than 200 attend conference on crop as biofuel
Goodbye to gas-guzzling?: Price drop will tell if drivers have really changed.
Schools go to 4-day week, other cuts thanks to high fuel prices
Putting lipstick on a rig: Gristmill’s take on McCain’s visit to a Gulf rig.
McCain uses oil platform visit to promote more drilling:AP story on the same visit.
US gas in storage could approach last year’s record
Governor says Maryland unwilling to pay price of re-regulation
US EPA granted more time to seek a rehearing of the CAIR ruling
Effort “against airline industry’s spin” on oil speculation launched.
“Food versus fuel is a handy sound bite.” But it’s not either or, says Rabobank podcast on food and alternative fuels.
Google to Invest in Geothermal
How much will falling oil prices help alleviate economic concerns?
Did you know Exxon Mobil had a Green Team?
The doomed fate of climate change legislation: “Will be back-burnered by either an Obama or McCain adminstration.”
California Puts “Green Chemistry” Under the Microscope
Germany rejects emission auctions as excuse for power price hikes
The ebbing of oil price subsidies