"Exxon" Twitter-er changes names

The self-claimed Exxon Mobil employee who has been busy defending the company on the social networking site Twitter has undergone a little identity change.

Oh Twitter-er where are thou? The background used by the person formerly known as ExxonMobilCorp.

“Janet” aka ExxonMobilCorp now goes by Not-EMC following the Irving-based oil giant’s request that Twitter “reserve the Exxon Mobil brand for our exclusive use,” said spokesman Alan Jeffers.
The posts started up in late July (shortly before the company’s record-breaking earnings report), touting positives about the oil giant in brief, 140-character snippets that the web site allows. Her posts range from sharing one fellow poster’s dismay that an Exxon retail outlet was short on caramel apple sugar babies to pointing out to another that the Valdez oil spill in Alaska wasn’t all that big compared to many others around the world.
Jeffers said “Janet” may be well-intentioned but only a limited number of people authorized to represent the company, and she wasn’t one of them.
“We contacted Twitter and asked if they were reserve the Exxon Mobil brand for our exclusive use,” Jeffers told the Chronicle.


Twitter prohibits impersonation and name-squatting, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says, and will generally honor a company’s request to protect its brand.
Exxon has not tried to track Janet down and isn’t concerned about employees expressing their personal opinions, Jeffers said.
“Our larger concern is in being misrepresented,” he said, since in some cases Janet has described certain positions as company policy when they are not.
The posts have continued on Twitter but under the name of “Not-EMC.”
(For what it’s worth, the Chron was the first to discovery Janet’s disappearance as tech columnist Dwight Silverman noted here).