Victoria nuke project site launched

banner_yellowflowers An earth-friendly energy source? (image from Exelon site) ….

Exelon, the Illinois-based power company that operates the largest fleet of nuclear power plants in the U.S., has launched a new web site for its planned project in Victoria.
Exelon plans to submit its application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission this fall for the the 3,000 megawatt plant planned for a site 20 miles South of Victoria.
The site launch coincides with Thursday’s public meeting NRC officials will hold in Victoria about the project.

pause_button … or a cause for pause?

Environmental groups say they plan on opposing the project. According to a release put out Wednesday:

Cyrus Reed of the Sierra Club will comment, “nuclear power takes too long to build, is too expensive, too risky and unsafe. Nuclear power is not the solution to help Texas meet its power needs. There are cheaper, cleaner, and more sustainable energy solutions.”

Notes Tom “Smitty” Smith, director of Public Citizen’s Texas office:

“The rush to build new nuclear power plants is simply an attempt to take advantage of federal subsidies while they are available, and then hope to pass the building, operating and decommissioning costs – and any liability from accidents — off on the public.”

Here’s a link to a presentation Reed made to the Victoria Lion’s Club last month. The group has also created its own NukeFreeTexas web site.
If Exelon goes forward with the application it will join NRG Energy’s planned two-reactor expansion at the South Texas Project plant near Bay City.
An application for STP expansion was filed last year but in March NRG asked regulators to halt a portion of the application review, saying it wasn’t ready to answer certain technical questions related to the design of the plant because of vendor issues. The company said last month it hopes to be ready to submit revisions to the application in October.