Chron Energy Links: 08.06.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
Exxon Mobil’s profit was too small — really: Loren Steffy says “alright, already.”
Storm doesn’t faze energy companies: With little or no damage, they plan to restore their operations
Marathon reopens Texas City refinery
US Chamber urges Congress to pull EPA ability to regulate carbon
A Climate Fable: An attempt to explain the complexities of climate for non-scientists.
What Will Cure China’s Sulfurous Skies?
Chesapeake expects Barnett Shale peak at 6.5 Bcf/d in 2012: CEO
Nuclear loan guarantees ‘undersized’: So sayeth Goldman Sachs banker
The Obama Energy Speech, Annotated
Chinese oil driller’s idea of a bio-detector for hazardous gases: Are these the same guys supposedly drilling off Cuba?
Is the sun about to set on Spanish solar?
Greenies shouldn’t count on a Gore/Edwards partnership
Oil Drilling Jobs – 10 Tips and Warnings For Your First Oil Job: No. 1, Be Humble.
BP to invest $90 mil in cellulosic ethanol venture with Verenium
Airline hedging: why is it always “lose-lose”?
Paris Hilton outlines her energy plan: She’s “totally ready to lead.”