Where's the power off? Check it out online

Electric customers in the 26 county region of East Texas served by Entergy-Texas can follow power outages in their region through a new online tool … if their power is still on, that is.
Customers in communities from College Station to the Woodlands to Beaumont can log onto Entergy’s Web site to see where outages are, how many customers are affected and even an estimate of when the service will be restored. The tool also lets you look at the number of customers without power by county.

entergy_map2 Shot from http://www.entergy-texas.com/outages/tx.aspx of outages around Conroe on Monday.

The Web page is essentially an extension of the tool Entergy officials use to track outages, thus the detailed information.
Yes, if you’re sitting in the dark without power it may not do you much good. But Entergy notes it could help people who are out of town determine if their lights are off at home and for how long.(Think of all that milk in the refrigerator.)
The Web site can be a little slow to load, but it’s an impressive array of information that sure beats sitting on hold with customer service.
Those of us in the territory served by CenterPoint Energy can check out updates on outages that will be posted here, but with any luck most of us won’t need this as Edouard pays a visit.