UPDATE: Monday may be a record

This is subject to change, but the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ power demand forecast for Monday is showing it’s going to be a big one (when you open, be sure to scroll to Aug. 4).
Beginning at 1500 hours (that’s 3 p.m. civilian time) it’s predicted power demand may dwarf our previous record of 62,339 megawatts (reached on August 17, 2006), and hit 63,804 megawatts 61,206 megawatts. By 5 p.m. it’s projected to peak at 65,958 megawatts 63,786 megawatts.
ERCOT originally forecast our peak would come some time in July, at 64,927 megawatts, but it’s a constantly moving target given the vagaries of weather. If Houston’s weather is hot and Dallas has more of the same, then that record should be broken.
The Public Utility Commission seems likely to keep up its Yellow Alert that was in effect all during the last week of July.