Chron Energy Links: 07.28.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
We need to be realistic in our energy aspirations: Loren Steffy’s five-point plan
UT banking on profit from oil land deals: Up to $1 billion possible to beef up its endowment
Biggest Chinese oil producer to slash jobs by 5 percent
Nigeria to ramp up oil exports by 14%
Dodging A Bullet: the Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act
More than 180 vessels backlogged in lower Mississippi:Coast Guard
California leads trade group’s “top 10” solar power utilities
GM and the New Plug-In Infrastructure
CAIR Court Throws Eastern Utility Markets into Financial Tail-Spin: Power plant emissions rules out the window.
Thirst for oil makes ANWR a battleground
Public comment period now open for EPA’s proposed rulemaking on carbon dioxide
Generation E? … for energy and the environment, if initiatives at a host of schools around the United States
Regulators: ‘Swindle’ Climate Film Unfair but Not Harmful
$123 or $145 per barrel: Which is right?