Dolly's oil and gas impact still small

The daily update from the Minerals Management Service on the impact of now Hurricane Dolly :

About 4.47 percent of the oil production in the Gulf has been shut-in (or about 58,000 barrels per day based on a Jan. 2008 estimated output of 1.3 million barrels of oil) and 7.87 percent of the natural gas production (or 605.9 million cubic feet based on Jan. 2008 output of 7.7 billion cubic feet of gas per day).

That’s a slight drop in the percentage of oil impacted from yesterday and about a 2 percent increase in gas. It’s worth noting oil and gas output from the Gulf of Mexico is probobly a lot higher since a number of big projects have come on line since Jan. 1.
The MMS has included the following paragraph in its daily updates. The bolded portion is kind of interesting:

As part of the evacuation process, personnel activate the shut-in procedure, which can also be accomplished from a remote location. This involves closing the safety valves located below the surface of the ocean to prevent the release of oil or gas. During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the shut-in valves functioned 100 percent of the time, efficiently closing in production from wells and resulting in no major spills from the Outer Continental Shelf. Shutting-in oil and gas production is a standard procedure conducted by industry for safety and environmental reasons.