Chron Energy Links: 07.04.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
Safety lag surprises executive for BP: Recent audit recommended changes that are yet to be done
Texas PUC OKs passing costs along for Ark. coal plant
Senator asks energy chief to study national speed limit
Saudi oil minister says plenty of oil left to be found
Denali Dialogue? Is it possible that a dialogue may open between Alaska lawmakers and the Denali Pipeline?
At Witz’ End – Gas Prices – What To Do, What To Do? The energy debate in three acts.
American Energy Policy in four squares.
Sometimes Protests Work
Feds End Solar Plant Moratorium
Be a geoscientist, see the world!
Suit against BP helps answer a question: what do traders make?
Motor oil from cow fat that biodegrades in days: More than one way to keep your motor mooo-ving.
The Week in Green: What we need from the G8 … when it meets in Japan next week.
Walk the Talk: Living without AC isn’t SO bad… If you don’t live in Texas.
Now that Europe has capped airline emissions, will America follow?
EconBrowser’s various holiday links, including a tool to calculate whether it pays to move closer to your worplace.
Divided Supreme Court Stirs Ashes of the 2000-01 California Energy Market Conflagration: Really complicated legal issue that power markets care about deeply.
Gas for sex deal goes awry in Kentucky