Chron Energy Links: 06.26.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
‘The action’ is in Houston: Energy industry draws attorneys’ interest as hiring slows in many other areas of U.S.
No relief expected soon for oil prices: Rice energy analyst predicts ‘we could be at these levels for a while’
Exxon Valdez judgment slashed: High court cuts punitive damages by 80 percent
US DOE calls for carbon-capture proposals under revised program: Son of FutureGen
FERC OKs review for BP-Conoco Alaska natgas pipeline
Has the biofuels backlash gone too far?
Calculating your savings from slowing down: a neat tool for figuring vehicle efficiency at diff. speeds
Michigan Legislators Consider State RPS, Rolling Back Electric Choice
Solar train racing on: Is solar at the same point as wind a decade ago?
Holding car companies like Toyota to account for green advertising
How big a contribution could oil speculation be making?
James Hamilton’s Analysis of Speculative Influence: A Counterexample?