Chron Energy Links: 06.17.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
U.S. gas now a big bargain in Mexico: Subsidized low price attracts lots of Americans
Thunder Horse project producing after 3-year delay
McCain calls for end to offshore drilling ban: GOP candidate in Houston today to mend fences with oil industry
Rohm & Haas to cut about 925 jobs
Engineer tells court he took BP’s word on hydrocarbons: He says he never visited refinery while he was state regulator
US senator criticizes CFTC response to questions on speculation
2nd of seven videos on The Frog: Just be glad your commute to work isn’t so complicated.
Iraq Taking Bids on Oil Tankers
US power execs say Canadian large-scale CCS plans are ‘daunting’
Utilities must not become ‘tax man’ in future GHG plans: EEI head