Chron Energy Links: 06.16.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
Gas price disparities: Ownership, location, standards and competition all influence why some stations charge more
Texas power regulators consider report cards, strict rules
Texas’ electric deregulation canine mascot name? Spike”
Power firms’ treatment angers Texans
Anadarko Ramps Up Production at Independence Hub
Wind farm project moving forward despite opposition
China Pulls Ahead in the Great Carbon Race
Oil companies gain polar-bear harm protection in Alaska
Machismo in Green Sector Jobs
TransCanada offers plenty to ponder: Cedentials earn praise, but long road lies ahead.
Fake 3D speed bumps to appear in Philly
The computer age and its carbon footprint
A Closer Look at the Impact of Higher Gasoline Prices
First NERC Penalty Notices Suggest Focus on Enforcement