UPDATED: More on Riverway, other electric retailers

• A Riverway Power customer tells us today that a customer service representatives at the company (which filed for bankruptcy this week — see previous post) is telling him the company isn’t shutting down and he should stay with them. His name is on the list of customers the company hopes to drop, however, because they are fixed-rate plans that are “no longer profitable.” If you want to know if your name is on the list drop me a line, tom.fowler@chron.com.
• Another customer recently moved to the provider of last resort said Green Mountain Energy is telling him he can’t speed up the switch-over by asking for a off-cycle-meter-read (as we discussed today) because they only did it for people moving. We have asked the question why that is so and will update here once he know more.
*** UPDATE ***
Green Mountain Energy told us this afternoon: “It appears that one of our agents mis-communicated what we can and will do. We do support an expedited change of providers. We will ensure that our agents are retrained so that there will be no confusion in the future.”
*** UPDATE ***
• A former National power customer said he had his move to Hudson Energy moved up from July 15 to the week of June 18 to 24 by asking for an off-cycle meter read. They said it would cost him another $8 to10 fee, but he thinks it will more than pay for itself given the POLR rate he’s on.