OTC: Things are thinning out

The first clue that OTC is thinning out is in the parking lots. They aren’t packed anymore. Even the trolley drivers look a little lonely. Conference fatigue is setting in on Day 4.
However, there is still plenty to see. There’s a little less foot traffic in Reliant Park’s conference center and the stadium, but the hundreds of booths remain staffed. However, the line at Starbucks is quite a bit shorter — fewer than five people rather than 30 or more seeking java.
The on-again, off-again noon speech by Odein Ajumogobia, minister of state for energy in Nigeria, is on again. Throughout the week his appearance to encourage investment in the often violence-ridden though oil-rich country has been iffy, with conference organizers saying in one breath that he’ll be here, and in another that he won’t.
Initially, his speech was off this morning — but it’s back on. Stay tuned.