OTC: Gotta get a gimmick

In the movie “Gypsy,” a veteran exotic dancer tells newcomer Gypsy Rose Lee that she needs a gimmick to differentiate herself from the crowd. Plenty of companies have taken that advice to heart, employing their own gimmicks to get passers-by to stop in their booths.
Today BJ Services, a Houston-based company that provides pressure pumping, pipeline and specialty chemical services, went for skeeball. They even got a line of folks wanting to play.
Another crowd-pleaser was a bagpiper next to ITT Advanced Engineering and Sciences’ booth. Camera phones galore surrounded him as he finished a mini-gig and wiped sweat from his brow.
Others get attention by sheer size, complete with above-ground lounges. You also might notice the small-fry companies with tables, candy dishes and a few tools or other wares on display as you walk to the biggies.