OTC: Qatar LNG plant vs. Reliant Stadium


Smiley N. Pool/Chronicle

Reliant Stadium might be big, but building it paled in comparison to the effort required to bring some of today’s global oil and gas projects online.

Building Reliant Stadium was a big project, right? Not when you compare it to some of the massive oil and gas projects being built around the world today.
Thierry Pilenko, chairman and CEO of Technip, a global engineering and construction firm serving the oil and gas industry, tried to put things into perspective today during a panel discussion at OTC.
He compared the costs and challenges involved in building Reliant Stadium to those of a current Technip project, building an LNG complex in Qatar.
Reliant cost more than $400 million to build, required 17,000 tons of steel and had 1,065 workers on site daily when construction was at its peak.
By contrast, the Qatar LNG project will cost $15 billion, require 137,000 tons of steel and employ 75,000 workers from 85 countries during peak construction, he said.
Yes, but can you play football at an LNG plant? I didn’t think so.