OTC: Beyond the oohs and ahhs

Anyone would be amazed to see the towering equipment and hi-tech tools fanned across Reliant park this week.
But there’s a reason why the annual Offshore Technology Conference is closed to the public. At its heart, it is a technical conference for professionals in the oil and gas industry.
And when I say technical, I mean technical.
A few examples of presentations that will be delivered this week:
* “Modeling Overburden Stress Change Due to Compaction of Stacked Reservoirs, and Application of Model Results in 4D-Seismic and Infill Drilling”
* “Emerging Geophysical Technologies: Is Planting and Replanting of Nodes in a 4C-4D Scenario the Optimum and Most Cost-Effective Solution for Field Reservoir Monitoring?”
* “An Evaluation of Perforating Techniques and Use of Caesium Formate Kill Pills To Maximize Productivity in HP/HT Gas Wells and Minimize HSE Risks”
* “Case Histories of Improved Horizontal Well Cleanup and Sweep Efficiency with Nozzle-Based Inflow Control Devices in Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs”
You get the idea. No offense to anyone whose report is mentioned above — it’s important stuff if you’re in those particular fields. Just wanted to give readers who aren’t at the conference a taste of what they’re missing.