OTC: It's on like Panyu Chu Kong


Steve Campbell/Chronicle

Workers set up the Offshore Technology Conference, which opened today.

The sky is ominously gray, but the annual whiz-bang Offshore Technology Conference is in gear. Huge displays of equipment usually hidden from view thousands of miles below the sea’s surface are casting shadows on even the tallest attendees at Reliant Park for the four-day fest.
However, the wares on display are so numerous they spill outside under tents that could be pretty wimpy in a storm. The outsiders are hoping the rain blows through quickly.
The Offshore Technology Conference is one of the oil and gas business’s biggest blowouts. This year organizers say 65,000 people are here from all over the world (including Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Co. from China).
Displays feature cutting-edge technology from the known, the obscure, and the far-flung. After all, oil and increasingly gas are global markets — that makes for an increasingly global conference.