OTC: Bursting with international flair


Steve Campbell/Chronicle

Moho Samiuddin Ahmad of Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. of Mumbai, India, looks at three pieces of equipment at the BJ Services booth today at the OTC.

Oil’s global flavor is everywhere you look at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference.
The annual mega-gathering always brings companies from around the world, and this year is no different. Brazil, Russia, Canada, Britain, Scotland, France, China, Norway, South Africa, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain _ take your pick, they’re here.
Though some are trying to make a bigger splash than others. The conference is known for big booths with brightly colored offshore operations components from wellheads to manifolds that most people never see because they sit at the seafloor. Every year, the big seem to try to get bigger.
This year Brazil’s Petrobras anchors a massive booth. No surprise. Last November, the company announced its Tupi field in the Santos Basin off Brazil’s shores has 5 billion to 8 billion barrels of oil.
More recently Haroldo Lima, head of Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency, said the company’s deepwater Carioca field could hold up to 33 billion barrels of oil. But Brazil’s finance minister quickly countered that Petrobras couldn’t confirm that estimate, and top Brazil oil officials have deflected questions about it since.
On Tuesday Petrobras’ CEO, Jose Sergio Gabrielli, will face reporters at OTC. Undoubtedly, he’ll be pelted with questions about Carioca.