OTC: A gusher of good eats

Inflation-fueled food prices racked are old news at the Offshore Technology Conference. A burger, fries and a Coke can cost $16 for this captive audience. But few if any complain — keep the receipt and expense it.
However, those seeking less pricey eats can take advantage of the freebie food in hundreds of booths.
Some have your typical fare, like cheese and crackers at BJ Services or cinnamon candy at Nu-Tec. But some offer a bit more for the palate.
Dockwise, a Bermuda-based heavy transport company that has ships to haul offshore platforms and other ultra-heavy equipment, has a curved bar and sushi appetizers. Houston-based oilfield services company Weatherford was offering chocolate-dipped strawberries in a lounge at the center of its round booth.
But Italian high-tech cable manufacturer Prysmian offered a different pick-me-up _ a Red Bull-like energy drink with the company’s logo on the can.